Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 4 - Seven Wants

Today is Day 4 of the Ten Day Challenge.  Here are my sekritz, my loves, and my fears.  Below I will list my wants.  This is a tough list to come up with because, well, I want lots of stuff.  I like having things, it makes me happy.  You can play with things and playing is fun.  I think some people want stuff for other people....I want things for me...because I like to have things.  So here are seven things I want.

1.   Baseball.  Namely, I wish to play every day like I used to.  From the moment I could walk until around the age of 20 I played baseball every single day (weather permitting).  I loved it.  Every time I walk/drive by a baseball field I get a little sad that I don't play anymore.  It was the best part of my youth.  I loved being on a team and having a common goal with a group of people.  I loved the travel,  meeting players on other teams from all around the country, and the ego boost that comes from being really good at something.  I really want to play baseball again.  

2.   A Lake house.  This passed (past?) Summer I went to Vermont with my cousin and his family for a week to stay at a friends lake house.  It was incredible.  This place had no TV, no Internet connection, no phone signal (alright, that one bothered me), and no dvd player.  It was us, a lake, a lot of food, a lot of booze, and several books.  I loved it.  Each day we'd wake up and make a huge breakfast, read, then swim in the lake, then eat again, then read again, then swim again, then perhaps hike or kayak or row, then eat again, then drink, then sleep.  That is the life I want.  

The dock at the lake house.
3.   Colbert Report Writer.   I really think I can write for the Colbert Report.  Back in the day when Colbert wasn't his own show yet I thought I could write for the Daily Show but my style of comedy is a little more silly, immature and adult oriented than what the Daily Show usually brings.  It fits perfectly with the zany antics of the Colbert crew.  Plus, they work like 6 feet from where I live.  I already watch/read all the political news every day on my own and me and my friends sit around thinking of funny skits with each other as characters anyway.  I think I could do this and I really want to.

4.   A Job.  Will you hire me?  I really like working.  I like being in an office setting.  I even like working long hours in an office setting.  Anything that gives me an excuse to wear a tie and pretend I hate work at a late happy hour is great by me.  I want to lawyer...I really do.  I really, really want to feel like I'm doing something.    It's just so difficult to get a job.  I never thought it would be this way.  C'mon, I'm friendly, smart, and look good in a double windsor...won't you give me a shot?

5.   Beer Sandwich.  Me and my friend Chris have been trying to figure out how to make a beer sandwich that lives up to our expectations for years.  No, beer soaked bread/meat doesn't count.  It's just not a beer sandwich.  If we as a people can put a man on the moon, we surely can make a sandwich out of beer....somehow.  This is silly, but I really want it.

6.   The Perfect Wifey.  Not right now.  God KNOWS, not right now.  But in the future I want a woman who's everything I want and nothing less.  I'll knows it when I sees it.  I refuse to settle for anything less.  I will never divorce anyone, ever.  I won't marry someone unless it seems utterly impossible not to...that's how I'll know.  I won't get into what the perfect women is for me, but that's what I want...probably more than anything.

7.   Samuel Adams Utopia.  For this last one I was bouncing between Utopia and world peace.  I eventually settled on the beer.  However, this isn't just any beer.  This is the strongest beer ever brewed (not anymore) at 27% alcohol!  Also, it is illegal in something like 13 states.  Samuel Adams is my favorite beer company and this is their most prized brew.  Depending on the year prices can run from a hundred dollars to six hundred.  The thing is, one bottle is only 24 oz.  I can't afford that business.  I guess it'll remain a want, instead of a have, for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh, God. WHY DIDN"T I PUT LAKEHOUSE AS ONE OF MINE?! Those are heaven on earth. Also, I didn't add that instead of being a Colbert writer like you, I have alwyas wanted to be a writer for SNL. =/ HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

Love the list.

Carlos said...

I've had a sample of the Utopia. Its pretty good. The newest one from Boston Brewing tastes like really cheap grocery store champagne.

Nevillem said...

When you figure out how to make a beer sammich, I will give you unlimited access to my parents' lake house.