Thursday, October 28, 2010

That's not a motto, that's just you saying a bunch of things

So, here I am...two and a half years later, much worse for the wear (ware?), and restarting my blog. It went through a bit of a transformation. You see, my blog is like a teenager. It has pimples and whines a lot. It sneaks beers when it knows it's not supposed to. And it goes through identity issues.

First, it was a personal blog...a diary of sorts. It would bitch about not being one of the cool kids and how girls just didn't like him. The Tree would complain that girl who it really liked wouldn't kiss him no matter how nice he was or how often he consoled her after the popular kids dumped her. Then came the 2008 election. The Tree felt a purpose for the first time. It would be a......POLITICS BLOG! The Tree went all D.C. on your asses. It read the likes of Ezra Klein and Andrew Sullivan. It wore obnoxious berets and would talk down to other, less serious "immature" blogs. HA! it would exclaim to those little namby-pamby diary blogs..."how 2007" the Tree would say in the most condescending of tones. Then the Tree got tired. It had other things to do. The Tree finally landed the girl. It was finishing up with "high school". The Tree got too cool for blogging. It was going to "college" and was leaving everything behind. the Tree is back. The girl is gone, "college" is over and life has taught him a few lessons. So the Tree returns to its roots (see what I did there?), and is being re-blorn (not a typo) as a personal blog once more.

So here I go, again on my own (yup, Whitesnake). It's more for me than you, so if you don't read or don't care, that's fine. Feel free to comment, I will likely respond. Hope to hear from you though. And be gentle as I reacclimate myself to postings and such.

Oh, and please, as always...send me scotch.