Friday, March 18, 2011

Twitter Be Crazy

Well, apparently we have a crazy on our hands...or at least a screw loose.

So, instead of explaining the story once an hour for two days I decided to write it in a blog post so I can just direct folks here.

Last night, ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY NO LESS, I received a random e-mail from some person saying our twitter "friend" @fmn1986 was not truthful.  I don't know the person who e-mailed me, they got my e-mail from this blog and e-mailed me specifically because they noticed we (meaning me and FMN) were making plans to meet.  I was told she was a young college student in Michigan and certainly not the NYC assistant district attorney she claimed to be.  I was told she lives in Michigan, not NYC, and she is not married.

After consultation with some members of our twitter family, I spoke (gchatted) with FMN.  She admitted the e-mail was true and apologized profusely.  I was told by her that she started this story a few years ago as an escape from a bad time and it basically snowballed on her.  She would not go into detail over why she did what she did, or what the circumstances were....saying "I can't get into it right now".  If her words were true, she is deeply troubled and deeply apologetic (though, also quite dramatic)...but who the eff knows if her words are true.

She could either be continuing to BS me, or is genuinely a confused/troubled albeit loopy college student with a crazy creative mind and a lot of time on her hands.

I have never met her in real life.  We chatted via e-mail and texted each other.  We made plans to meet a few times but they were always cancelled or something came up at the last minute and we never ended up meeting.

She did tell me that the name she gave out was actually her name.  She is a real human being, just not what she said she was.  I think she took all her accounts down.  That picture on twitter was not her picture. When I spoke to her last night I asked that she send me a photo right now as possible proof she is a real person.  She did.  I believe it.

I have no idea how she knew a surprisingly good amount about the legal field, or areas where people lived, or how she kept up with the level of detail she did within her story.  As I've said to a couple of you, the 1/10th of me that isn't intensely creeped out is kinda impressed.

I did e-mail the person who randomly e-mailed me back, asking how they knew and if there is anything else I should know.  She told me she followed FMN too and was confused by all her details, like vacations/jobs (I knew ADA's didn't get out at 5 o'clock)/etc.  As creepy as FMN is, this person seems just the same.  She apparently did "research" and found out and confronted her or something.  I don't fully know and don't plan on finding out.  But apparently she was right about FMN because everything is gone.

So, there you have it.  Feel free to comment any questions.  And FMN, if you read this, you're better off not commenting.

[Edit: I want to point out as a grown adult, I don't take all this very seriously.  I find it funny and have been making jokes all day.  Though creepy, it's all very amusing.  Now, ON WITH YOUR DAY!]


katatvandy said...

Good thing she doesn't exist. I was about to kill her for her closet. Or her disposable income or her vacations. Or the fact that her man randomly committed on a whim (hello unrealistic!) Oy.

j. said...

you don't know me, but i was one of the people who has been suspicious of her for a LONG time. she struck up a lot of friendships with people i know in real life and it really aggravated me that not only did she deceive me, but people whom i really care about.

Anonymous said...

Just as you made a Twitter "friendship" with this person, there is a group of dozens of females who became friends with her over the course of a few years on a private social forum. It was started by a bunch of teen girls who are now mostly in their twenties. At some point she joined this group and befriended many people with what we recently discovered was a string of lies. It wasn't so much research as several girls sharing and comparing their suspicions. The lies were numerous and intricate. Imagine if you had been a friend of hers for YEARS and found out this person wasn't who you thought they were at all.

Anonymous said...

hey joshuetree, FUCK YOU. don't call someone creepy who was looking out for you. we should have let you continue to be fooled by fawn. you completely deserved it.

JoshueTree said...

Well, when something makes me uncomfortable and creeps me out...I call it creepy. Strange emails from strangers who "expose truth" creep me out. You may have done a service, but I still find it weird.

thanks for lookin out though. And stay classy.

Adam said...

Oh God.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Well, at least you know now? Just don't question all of us! haha

Jenny Rediehs said...

Wow, that's just insane! The fact that fmn1986 went to happy hour every day, married a man she just met, went on vacation constantly and talked often of her incredibly expensive wardrobe should have tipped us off. FYI, I'm fishvb24 and I AM real...I've got a real blogger profile with my real name and all! :)

Anonymous said...

i feel that you should be a little more relieved that someone let you know that a person you swapped phone numbers, personal email addresses, and god knows what other personal information with was not honest in the slightest.

i'm glad you're amused. people had been lied to by this girl, a person whom they trusted with private information, for upwards of seven years. that is such a huge betrayal i can't even begin to wrap my mind around it. maybe if you had known her for longer, you'd feel differently. but maybe not, since you seem to be relishing over the blog traffic that this is getting you.

JoshueTree said...


Until I taste cookie...I dunno!

@Jenny - Thanks for commenting. I believe you are real!

@anonymous #2

You're right. It didn't harm me in any way. Had it did, I'd probably be less amused. But it didn't, so I am.

And yes, seeing your numbers rise on a blog is always fun. Though I'm sure by tomorrow it'll be back to the ol' drawing board.

DAC (almost) JD said...

This is ridic. I am too honest of a person b/c it would never occur to me that people are not who they say they are. There is NO REASON to lie on a pretty anonymous twitter. I now question whether everyone on twitter is not who they say they are. We actually chatted on gchat on wednesday which creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

What was creepy was fawn lying about her existence and putting one over on you & everyone else. I would have been grateful if someone clued me into the fact that someone I thought I knew was a complete liar. But then again it seems that most people at least found her suspect while you had no idea. So you should probably be a bit more careful of that in the future, so you don't end up in this situation again.

Anonymous said...

Your obviously the bad guy here, Joshue Tree. If that is your real name. Sounds fake to me. What sane human being would trust another human being. The good people are the ones who got your information without asking and then used it to contact you. #SpeakingIronically #JustKiddingIKnowHastTagsDontWorkOnBlogspotComments ####

katatvandy said...

The name Fawn is stupid. Just a thought.

EH said...

On the internet, no one knows you're a pathetic college student?

I had her muted around the time of her ex-friend/fiance NYE drama. You'd think a crazy person would want a fantasy ID to have less drama, not more. But then, I'm not crazy.

Thanks for taking the time to type this up!

Legally Fabulous said...

Wow. Weird. Didn't follow her, and I'm glad!
I have a feeling that it probably happens way more than people know though... There are so many people on twitter who are just so full of shit. It must be exhausting.