Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"that's why you're broke"

While walking along 53rd street on my way home from skoolz I was approached by the most adorable little college student.  Note to all charitable organizations:  if you want me to stop for your worker and not pretend I can't hear them over my Ipod, have an attractive female do it.  Anywho, she stops me and we have this exact exchange word-for-word:

Adorable Charitable Worker:  Excuse me, do you like children?
Me:  No, not particularly.
Adorable Charitable Worker:  Well, do you have a big heart?
Me:  No, not particularly.
Adorable Charitable Worker:  Ok, would you like to sponsor a child who really needs you?
Me:  Sorry dear, I'm about as broke as that child.
Adorable Charitable Worker:  How can you be broke?  ::looks me up and down:: You don't look broke.  How old are you?
Me:  ::not wanting to be the broke 26 year old::  I'm 23.
Adorable Charitable Worker:  So why are you broke?  Are you a senior?
Me:  No, I'm a law student.
Adorable Charitable Worker:  Ohhhh, so you're smart...that's why you're broke.  Have a nice day. ::turns around and walks away::
So...what?  Is everybody in on the joke but us?


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blunt delivery said...

yea, cute people don't work for me either. pretty much anyone walking toward me will make me bolt in the opposite direction so that i don't get raped and end up on an episode of cold case.

sorry, my mom's a bit protective.

JoshueTree said...

I'd watch that episode though...silver lining?